Pied cockatiel


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The Pied Cockatiels can be any color that occurs in a solid color cockatiel. The amount and placement of the colors vary widely from one bird to the next. The coloration of the PIed Cockatiel is a result of feather pattern change rather than a color change. The Pied Cockatiel is also known as the Variegated Cockatiel, Harlequin Cockatiel, or Pied Tiel.

The pied affect is a striking combination of the colors in a random pattern of patches or blotches. This would be combinations of whites and greys on gray colored birds while it would be combinations of yellows and cinnamon’s on Cinnamon Cockatiels. The most spectacular birds will have a symmetry in the placement of these blotches,unfortunately that is not a predictable outcome when breeding these birds. Because of the variation of the patterning that occurs, the difference between a male and a female is almost indiscernible as well..

The Pied Cockatiel was the first cockatiel mutation to be established. Its history is vague, but it is known that the Pied was established by a Mr. D. Putman of San Diego, California, USA prior to 1951. After his death hIs stock was acquired by a Mr. Hubbell who continued the breeding program, and at the same time a Mrs. R. Kersh was also building up another strain.


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