Cockatiel Parrot Eggs

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Affectionate and clever, Cockatiels are one of the most popular pets. Since early Europeans first returned home from Australia with these endearing little birds, they have continued to grow in popularity. Today, besides the standard grey cockatiel, there are a variety of cockatiel mutations to choose from. You will find these gentle little birds vying for the ‘top pet bird’ position, with only the Budgerigar (parakeet) and some of the Canary breeds giving close competition

Cockatiels, sometimes simply known as ‘tiels’, have so many positive traits as a pet, it is hard to know which characteristics are the most important. They are low cost, hardy, clean, intelligent, gentle, inquisitive, playful, quiet, adaptable, undemanding, easily trained, easily bred, and the list goes on!  They can often learn to talk, especially the males, and can easily be taught all kinds of tricks.

4 reviews for Cockatiel Parrot Eggs

  1. Rosaline

    Love me some cockatiel

  2. Louis

    Thanks for the package bro.

  3. Bird lover

    Just received it.

  4. John


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