Castello 1 – Medium Parrot Cage with Divider


675.33 585.28

Total Height 193cm (76″)
Width 127cm (50″)
Depth 81cm (32″)

Internal with Divider: Height 156cm (61.5″) x Width 78cm (30.75″) x Depth 62cm (24″)

Bar Spacing 22mm
Bar Thickness 4mm
Please add 20cm (7.75″) for seed catchers

2 Wood Perches
4 Feeding Bowls
Pull Out Grille and Tray
Swing Out Feeder Doors
Large Dividing Wall


The Castello 1 Medium Parrot Cage with Divider is a great way to provide one large living space for your bird(s) or using the dividing wall you can create two separate cages side by side.

On each side of the cage is a large door which provides easy access, plus both can be secured using safe clock face lock, which ensures the door is securely closed and completely bird proof.

The feeding bowls attach to swing out feeders so you can easily access your bird`s food and water.

The Castello 1 Medium Parrot Cage comes with a removable seed catcher, helping to keep mess inside your bird`s cage. The pull out grilles and trays make cleaning easy and help to keep any mess away from your Parrot.

This big cage sits on six wheels, which make light work of moving the cage around which is great when it needs cleaning.


  • – African Grey Parrots
  • – Amazon Parrots
  • – Cockatoos
  • – Eclectus Parrots
  • – Large Conures
  • – Large Macaws
  • – Small Macaws or Mini Macaws
  • Please remember this information is for size guidance only – you know your bird best!
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